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Artists and Performers

Throughout the festival African musicians, poets and artists will perform and exhibit their work in the Filmhouse café. Books, art work and CDs will be on display and for sale in the Filmhouse foyer.


Temwa Cultural Group & Jango Rhythms

Fri 20 Oct | 9.00pm | Filmhouse Café Bar

Temwa Cultural Group, consisting of four African singers, was formed to keep alive the unique and inspirational cultures of each member's African heritage. They have performed widely in Edinburgh at the Edinburgh Mela, and on several occasions for the Scottish Parliament, including a performance for Scotland's First Minister, Jack McConnell, and President of Malawi, Dr Bingu wa Mutharika.

Jango Rythms is a West African group mixing two different African xylophone traditions: the spider-webbed gyil of Ghana, and the clarion balafon of Guinea, with percussion, fiddle, thumb-piano, song and dance.

Kokumo Fadeke Rocks & Tumi Lambo

Thurs 26 Oct | 8.45pm | Filmhouse Café Bar

Kokumo Fadeke Rocks describes herself as an African-Asian Scottish writer and performance poet. She has performed in the UK, US, India and Africa, and took part in Kofi Annan's Global Peace Initiative of Women in Geneva in 2002. Her poetry explores the themes of love, race, freedom and imprisonment with a generous dose of fun and humour.

Tumi Lambo is a Tanzanian singer-songwriter whose unique voice brings a fresh sound to the UK music scene. Keen to explore world music, Tumi also has recorded a mix of old-school harmonies, acoustic guitars, live beats, electro sounds and reggae-soaked collaborations with local unsigned talents, always maintaining the spirit and influence of classic African music.

Edimbira & Amadinda

Sun 29 Oct | 6.45pm | Filmhouse Café Bar

Edimbira is an Edinburgh-based group playing music from Zimbabwe. Weaving together song, rhythm and melodies with the mbira instrument, the musicians create a rich tapestry of African and Celtic sounds. Amadinda is a brilliant merging of traditional xylophone, drumming and African dance by internationally trained and celebrated artists Andy Cooke and Raquel Ribes Miro.


AiM will be complemented by two exhibitions by African artists in the Filmhouse caf bar during October.

Tendai Naya Mtembe

Born in Edinburgh and raised in Mozambique and South Africa, Tendai Naya Mtembe brings a fresh exuberance to traditional African artefacts, emphasising formal aesthetic aspects of the objects as well as their moral and religious significance. Mtembe's striking batiks display a colourful freedom of expression, unhindered by shape, size, or dimension.

Asan Ugoborogho

British-Nigerian artist Asan Ugoborogho creates photographs inspired by the textures of African life. His work has been displayed in the US, Germany, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, and Togo.

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